Check out our great pictures from September!

Sniper attack
Smoke attack!
Gary patrolling
Smile for the camera
Defending against the girls
Hiding in the trees
Dad and son working together
Team photo
Don't shoot!
Strike a pose
Mum shooting the kids
Target practice
Using cover
Boys win the flag
Dad having fun!
Officer on deck
Happy Birthday
Adele and Jamie
Cool cake
Smile kids
Laser days corporate day
Smoke bomb
Save me a bit of cake!
Smake grenade
Gareth having fun!
Fun For Adults As Well
Jamie running
Laser Days Parties
Great Hiding
Capture the flag!
Smile boys!
Team Work
Shoot the adults
Take Cover
Laser Days Party Food
Having Fun!
Keep Moving Forward
Euan Killing everyone
Shooting from the trees
Laser Tag Nottingham