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Whats it all about?

Laser Tag in the Forest!


Laser Tag is similar to paint-balling except it uses infra-red technology to register hits on your enemy rather than an actual projectile.


We have invested in the very latest technology to bring you compact rifles that are designed for anyone aged 4 - 94! They have an effective range of over 500 meters, keep you informed of how much ammunition you have and how many lives you have left and when someone is ‘shot’ the gun omits a loud ‘arrrrrrgghh’ !


What could be better than fighting your way through our 4 acres of zombie infested woods!


Laser Days is completely unique, with possibly more adrenaline, more excitement and more action than with anything you have done before.


It is the up-to-date version of Laser Quest or Quasar with better equipment, more room to run around and it’s outdoors! All equipment and camouflaged combat clothing are provided and we have free Tea, coffee and WiFi for the parents.

Geared up and ready to go!
The boys are back!

What games do we play?


The technology allows us to program lots of different themed games. Popular computer games with familiar missions such as Capture the flag, Last man standing, COD, Star Wars and Team Deathmatch amongst others.


Unlike paintballing, we can program our laser equipment to have 1-100 lives per person once all lives are gone, the equipment lets out a blood-curdling scream, flashes red and shuts down! Respawn’s can be activated remotely by the instructors desert eagle or by running back to your base and using our respire boxes.

Is it Safe?

Laser Tag is 100% safe! Although the term laser is used. In fact the taggers omit a harmless infra-red light beam similar to a TV remote.



For children under 12, we require at least one parent to be in attendance (to hand in the registration form and help with tying shoelaces etc) Complimentary tea & coffee is available or why not join in as well !

crawling to victory
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