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Looking for something to do in the school holidays?


 Laser Days will be running drop-in games throughout the holidays.


These 2 hour Fortnite-themed Laser Tag sessions are designed for anyone who would like to try some of our amazing missions without the worry of booking with friends!​


What better way is there to get your children away from their play stations than to bring their favourite game to life? 

All attendees are encouraged to dress up as there favourite characters from the game and will play 3 of the main missions featured on fortnite. Such as capture the flag, last man standing and team death match. 

There is no minimum number for booking! You can book in as many as 1 or 20 people. For only £24 per person, you will get 2 hours of laser tag and some of our amazing camo face paint.

Terms and Conditions

Payment is required within 24 hours of booking to secure places if payment isn't received then places will not be held.



For more information call Aaron on 07515359203. Places are filling up fast so reserve yours now!

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