Meet The Team


Aaron Cowley - Laser Days

Laser Don

but people also call him Aaron John.


Aaron is the leader of the gang and a dab hand with a pistol! So you had better watch out! ​


Gary Killen - Laser Day

With 22 years in the Armed Forces, Gary is our most experienced asset to Laser Days, from game planning to gun alingnment Gary's the man.


Mark Drake - Laser Days

Commander Drake can be found during games tweaking the settings on his MP5 to re-enact a scene from Star Wars with our special blaster's settings!  Let the commander know if you fight for the Rebellion or the Galactic Empire and meet us on the battlefield.​


Ben Dillon - Laser Days

Ben joined the team in June 2017 and is currently in charge of communications and pyrotechnics. After mastering Call Of Duty online his new mission is to master Laser Days! Are you brave enough to take him on?


Euan Edwards - Laser Days

Euan is a Year 12 student, currently studying double maths, physics and German at A-level. He is also a corporal in his local RAF cadet company so fits right in at Laser Days!


Jamie Davies - Laser Days

Jamie aka “the restrainer” is one of the newest members of the Laser Days team, but don’t let that fool you! Be careful as you run through the woods as he’s most likely watching you through a sniper scope.


Adele Pearson - LaserDays

Estate agent by day and laser specialist by night! Adele is one of our amazing marshals who always seems to pick the winning team.